Memories of Susan

Funny how the end can be a beginning!
Thoughts of the years, and time spent, and time lost .

Now that you’re gone, Sister, I’ve got a hole in my life and heart.
Trying to recall the best times, the things you wish you could have done differently. So many thoughts of you find their way into my life.

Why did our time together get cut short? No way to figure these things out.

The mind is a funny place… how and why do we lose ourselves in the rush of “I need to be here”, or “do this thing”?
The important gets lost in a rush of “why and what’s”…
How is it so, that life gets in the way of living ?

All I know is this: your end is a new beginning for us. Watching you in your final days has shown us how to live. I thank God for the time we had, and the way He has covered us with His love and  assurance of our reuniting in a place where there will be no tears, no fear. Just a rejoicing in eternity together.   Till we hug again,  My Sister Susan…